Car Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe

September 4th, 2018 by

Pets in Cars

Most cars aren’t designed with pets in mind, so it’s important to find the right ways to secure them if they’re taking a drive with you in your new car near Madison. Some states have banned drivers from having even small pets on laps, so no matter their size you’ll need to give them their own seat. A step-in harness can do the trick and keep a dog from 6 to 150 pounds restrained in and out of the car. You should be sure to measure your pet’s chest and neck before ordering to ensure maximum protection. There are other methods as well, but it is important to consider the size of your pet when you choose.

Small Dog Seatbelt

There are several different options for securing your pet in your vehicle. Another one besides a step-in harness is a small dog seatbelt. This is perfect for dogs that weigh up to 25 pounds.

Put Your Dog in A Crate

This is a great option for relaxed, confident dogs that can fit in a crate and comfortably stand up and turn around.

Use a Seatbelt that Incorporates Your Pet’s Harness

A seatbelt and harness system uses carabiners to attach to the webbing of your car’s seatbelt and your pet’s harness. This is a suitable option for dogs that weigh 10 to 150 pounds.

Install A Backseat Barrier

This is a good option for large dogs that struggle to relax when restrained. The barrier keeps your dog in the backseat should you brake suddenly, just make sure it is safely secured.

Use a Leash and Zip-Line Combo

Another option is to use a zip-line system that attaches to your car ceilings hooks so your pet is secure while also free to move around.

Use A Pet Car Seat

For smaller dog or cats, you can install this car seat to give them a better view while keeping them safe.

For more information and tips on keeping your pet safe while you drive, contact us at Wilson Auto Group today!

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