What Does Non-Commissioned Sales Mean?

At our Jackson, MS car dealership, we like to foster open and direct relationships with our customers. That’s because we have a customer-first approach when we do business, and we carry this philosophy into every transaction. Whether it be in our service department, finance department, or on the sales floor, we make sure that we communicate all of the facts to our customers up front so they can get the best deals on the vehicles they want.

Purchasing a vehicle at some car dealerships is a hassle because the salesmen work on commission, so each vehicle a customer purchases helps them earn a living. At our dealership, we realize our staff is our most valuable resource, and our customers are our main focus, so we choose instead to offer a non-commissioned sales experience. This ensures that our customers are not pressured into buying a vehicle that they don’t truly desire, and it also keeps our sales staff happy and motivated to pair you with your perfect vehicle. There are no gimmicks, no games, just a team who loves what they do and intend on using their knowledge to help you.

Find Your Ideal Vehicle At Our Jackson, MS Car Dealership

It’s our staff’s commitment to customer service that makes the experience of buying a new car at our Jackson dealer so enjoyable. Every time you visit our showroom or service center, you can count on being greeted with a smile and treated to a personalized experience, because we aren’t depending on your sale for a salary. We recognize that every driver’s automotive needs are different, which is why we’re here to work with you to find the perfect solution for you. Friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated to finding the perfect car for your needs and style, we’re here to help you explore our inventory. From taking a test drive to getting answers to all of your questions along the way, we’re here for you at every turn.

To learn more about our non-commissioned salesforce, contact us at Wilson Auto Group!