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Qualified Certified Used Cars in Jackson, MS

The VALUE and ADVANTAGE of a Certified Pre-Owned Hyundai or Certified Pre-Owned Kia far exceeds our customer's expectations. The extensive process of Certifying a used car begins with the inspection process. The Initial Inspection includes checking the Engine Starting/Idle, Wiper/Washer, Clock/Radio/Horn, Switches, Air Conditioning, Heater/Defroster, Lights, Body Inspection, Brakes/Parking Brake, and Air Pollution Control Device.

Once a Hyundai or a Kia has passed the Initial Inspection the Under-Hood Inspection begins. The Engine (Emission System, Valve Cover/Seals/Gaskets, Belts/Vacuum Lines/Filters, Valve Cover Contamination), The Power Steering (Pump, Steering Gear/Hoses), The Electrical (Starter, Battery/Alternator),The Cooling System (Radiator & Cap, Water Pump/Hoses/Clamps), and TheVehicle Fluids (Transmission, Power Steering, Coolant/Brake, Checked/Topped) are all inspected to ensure they pass the Hyundai and Kia Certification Standard.

Now thatthe Pre-Owned Hyundai or Pre-Owned Kia has passed the Initial Inspection and the Under-Hood Inspection,the vehicle is then moves to the Under-Vehicle Inspection. The Oil and Filter are changed, an additional inspection is completed on The Engine/Transmission, The Differentials, The Muffler/Tailpipe, The Ball Joints/Tie Roads/Shocks, TheFrame/Undercarriage, TheWheel Bearing/Axle Seals, The Tires, Brakes/Linings, The Wheel Master Cylinder and The Calipers are inspected and repaired to the Hyundai and Kia Certification Standard.

The Final Road Test finishes the Certification Process. A Factory Certified Technician takes the qualified Hyundai or Kia candidate on the road. The vehicle is then tested on Engine Operations, Transmission Operations, Brake Operation, Suspension and over all Ride.

All of that creates a Pre-Ceritifed Hyundai or Pre-Certified Kia. Many vehicles do not pass the Certification Process due to theircar fax report or something as simple asnot having two keys orfloor mats. All our pre-owned Hyundai and Kia inventory is inspected according to the Hyundai and Kia Certification Process. This process assures you that the vehicle you are purchasing has been held to the highest industry standards that have been established byHyundai and Kia.


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